Short Drama

Featherhead is a moving tale of a lifelong love that is tested to the limit. John is forced to watch helplessly as his wife’s Alzheimer’s progresses and he is barely able to cope. Portraying the heart-breaking consequences of this confusing and frustrating disease, John’s emotions become visibly aggressive as he loses control. Arathi, an elderly Asian neighbour sees the situation decaying from across the fence. She must consider the boundary between help and interference, as the tragedy of the situation escalates.

Stunningly filmed by internationally renowned cinematographer, Brian Tufano (DP of Billy Elliot, East is East, and Trainspotting), ‘Featherhead’ leaves you with a unique empathy and a powerful understanding of a subject that is rarely discussed.

Funded by:

UK Film Council / Northern Film & Media,
Alzheimer’s Society


Superkrush Productions

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