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Bridge + Tunnel is a BAFTA-nominated media production company.

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Bridge + Tunnel is a BAFTA-nominated media production established in 1997 by award winning-director and producer Tina Gharavi, to support “unheard voices, untold stories”.

The organisation, based in Newcastle, UK and Los Angeles, California, is composed of  Bridge + Tunnel Productions and several independent ancillary companies who work together to make mainstream projects with a strong community, education and activist element at their core.

Bridge + Tunnel was founded on the principle of producing work with uncompromising creative vision, cultural sensitivity and artistic experimentation. Our portfolio of award-winning work encompasses ground-breaking experimental documentaries (Mother/Country for Channel 4), fiction films (Featherhead, Closer, People Like Us, King of South Shields) installations and interactive digital projects (Last of the Dictionary Men, Wiki: Wonderland, Tribalism is Killing Us) as well as feature films, including the BAFTA-nominated drama I Am Nasrine, which patron Sir Ben Kingsley says is “an important and much needed film.” Other features include The Good Iranian, in collaboration with Film Four and BFI and Backup Media in Paris. Bridge + Tunnel is currently developing its first TV project, an Icelandic-British detective series: Refurinn (The Fox) with co-producers, Endore Productions, Which Witch (with Nicky Bentham) and Red Arrow.

Bridge + Tunnel films and documentaries have been screened at festivals including the American Film Institute, official selections at the Sundance Film Festival, IDFA, Edinburgh and broadcast on the Sundance Channel, ITV, TCM and Channel 4. Bridge + Tunnel has also produced record-beating museum exhibitions and provided media production training for hundreds of refugees, asylum seekers, and other vulnerable groups. We are constantly seeking ways to bring “untold stories, unheard voices” to wider audiences.

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Our Values…

Our core values are at the heart of everything we do across Bridge + Tunnel:

INCLUSIVITY –  Working to strengthen and shape new communities

ADVOCACY –  To deliver ambitious and challenging creative projects with a commitment to untold stories from unheard voices

FEARLESSNESS –  To keep at the heart of all projects, innovative and pioneering working methodology

EMPOWERMENT –  Empowering people and communities

ENGAGEMENT –  To promote diversity throughout all the aspects of our practice

COLLABORATION –  Working across disciplines with a variety of partners with mutual respect and encouraging sharing of ideas

NURTURING –  Maintaining a supportive learning environment for all